Spinal Needle


Pencil (Sprotte type) Point

Scientifically designed atraumatic needle point separates dura mater and minimizes CSF loss.
It significantly reduces postspinal headaches.
FOCAL Pensil Point Spinal Needle is made of regular wall stainless steel for the sufficient stiffness of canulae and needle point.


Needle Hub

The CSF flow back can easily be checked through transparent needle hub.

stylet Hub

Each color of stylet hub shows its gauge size for easy discrimination.

Small Diameter "29G"

Special small diameter needle of 29G is more effective for minimizing CSF leakage and reducing postspinal headaches.

Gauge Length Color Code Suitable Introducer
18G 90mm PINK  
19G 90mm IVORY  
20G 90mm YELLOW  
21G 90mm GREEN  
22G 90mm BLACK  
23G 90mm LIGHT BLUE  
24G 90mm VIOLET 20G×38mm
25G 90mm ORANGE 21G×38mm
26G 90mm BROWN 22G×38mm
27G 90mm GRAY 22G×38mm
29G 90mm RED 22G×38mm